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Thomas can do everything, and does. He’s not just a near-perfect defensive fail safe, he hawks the ball, and hits about as well as any free safety in the league.NFL Jerseys China.Thomas doesn’t do everything like Berry does everything, however. Berry has evolved from a player who was more comfortable at the line of scrimmage into the Voltron that defensive coordinator Bob Sutton wants him to be. In 2014, Sutton admitted there isn’t really any distinction between “free” and “strong” safety in his defense.Authentic NFL Jerseys.Both safeties needed to learn every role, and in the last two years Berry’s coverage skills have vastly improved.Berry lines up everywhere on the field for the Chiefs. He is one of the most versatile players in the NFL.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.SB Nation’s Stephen White pointed out this play of Berry snuffing out a dump-off pass to a running back in the flats that should have been successful last season. See if you can stop watching it.


Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald, Miami’s Mike Pouncey and the New York Jets’Brandon Marshall are among the 32 players eligible for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.Named for the late Hall of Fame running back, the award recognizes a player’s community service and performance on the field.Replica NFL Jerseys.The NFL announced the players on Wednesday.The winner will receive a $500,000 donation to his favorite charity and $500,000 in his name to support the NFL and United Way’s Character Playbook program in his team’s market. Cheap Jerseys .The program is an initiative launched in April that focuses on youth character development and healthy relationships.Authentic Jerseys Sale China.“The funny thing about it is that when a fourth down comes, and the team doesn’t have a good punter or a good kicker, then everybody’s complaining. It’s the people that don’t really understand how the game goes that think punters and kickers are nothing.”

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