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After Roethlisberger’s touchdown pass to Ladarius Green in the third quarter, Brown greeted Big Ben by saying, “Hey, Billy, you did it.”Roethlisberger, touching Brown’s helmet, replied, “Good job, Ronald.Cheap China Jerseys.“Brown took a left turn with his media interviews last week by requesting he be addressed as “Ronald,” with the reason being “top secret.Wholesale Football Jerseys.“Roethlisberger said Wednesday that he has no idea why Brown calls himself Ronald or calls his quarterback Billy. NFL Wholesale Jerseys.But he seems to be rolling with it.The two can use whichever nicknames they want after connecting on 11 touchdowns through 12 games. Brown can become the 33rd receiver in NFL history to catch 15 touchdowns in one season.To little surprise, Brown was animated on the mic Sunday, asking Odell Beckham Jr. before the game to “pray it up” with him and saying before his 20-yard touchdown catch that “I can shake ’em in the red zone. We’re about to cash in.”


That’s Marquette. He likes to be happy. It’s a driving force for everything that he does. He’s a big fan of the rapper Future, largely because of the vibe he puts off.Replica NFL Jerseys.“The music that he has now is legendary,” he says. “I’m not going to sit here and say I listen to the lyrics of the song, but I think he focuses on more of the vibe that the song can put in the atmosphere.”King also happens to be the only black punter in the NFL.Wholesale NFL Jersey. There have only been a handful in history: Horace Gillom, Greg Coleman, Reggie Roby, and Rodney Williams. But King says he isn’t focused on that. He feels that punters, regardless of color, are underappreciated.“When I was punting, of course you had people that were talking trash like, ‘Man you’re a punter you don’t do nothing,’” he said. NFL Jerseys Authentic China.“And I think some of the kids tell other kickers and punters that even now, and kind of downplay the position like it’s not important.

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