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That play is the perfect example of the safety’s dichotomy. He can’t play with total abandon, or else he will get embarrassed.Wholesale Jerseys. He can’t sit back, because then plays like the one above will gash the defense over and over. NFL Jerseys Cheap.He has to be the most wary player on the field, and still somehow the most decisive. Safeties have to be well-studied, and still be able to flip the override to their heat-seeking lizard brain.Replica Authentic Jerseys.They have to shut off every pathway of doubt or mental function that takes even a moment of processing, because being either too or aggressive or too passive will lead to a butt-naked mistake. Safeties have the most responsibilities, and thus more ways to screw up than anyone else.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.That’s a man who was so absorbed in his play he couldn’t even think about his season-ending injury. Now look at how Andy Reid (and pretty much everybody) talks about Berry.


After Wednesday’s practice, Bell said he wasn’t aware of any malicious intent as the play unfolded but reacted by saying “oh dang, they was really trying to hurt me” once he saw a replay.Replica NFL Jerseys Sale.In the offseason, Bell publicly acknowledged Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burficttried to hurt him by running into his knees in Week 8 of 2015, causing Bell to tear two ligaments. Cheap NFL Jerseys Sale.Bell’s knees have held up well in 2016 — he has 243 touches (180 carries, 63 receptions) for 1,318 yards in nine games.NFL Jerseys Sale China.That his offensive line wants to protect him means “everything in the world to me,” he said. “Guys always feel like they’ve got to — for whatever reason — feel like they got to try to hurt me, take me out of the game,” Bell said. “I’ve got to protect myself.”

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