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People floated a lot of theories as to why, from cord-cutting to injuries to Colin Kaepernick. But the party line at the NFL was that the decline had to do with “unprecedented interest in the presidential election.”And it turns out, the league might have been largely right all along.Discount NFL Jerseys China.A new report from Tim Nollen at Macquarie shows that the NFL ratings freefall has largely dissipated post-election. The sky, perhaps, is not falling after all.”The quality of the games has also had an effect, Nollen wrote. “Teams with playoff potential and high-fantasy value, like the Cowboys and Patriots, have led the ratings recovery: Average viewership for these two teams’ games, for example, has been +20.2% and +8.1% YoY, respectively, for match-ups after November 8 that aired in the same timeslot.”But Goodell thinks there are also structural things the NFL can do to boost viewership.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.“We want to take as much what we call dead time, non-action, out of the game, so that we can make the game more exciting,” Goodell said in November, according to The Times. How? One of the big ideas to improve that Goodell put forth was decreasing the number of ads and changing up the way they appear.That could be vital to the continued TV dominance of the NFL, since the league does face competition other than the election.NFL Jerseys Authentic Sale.”With a visible improvement in viewership without competition from election coverage, we think it’s clear the ongoing primetime declines are due at least in part to competition from other options, from Netflix/Amazon/Hulu to catch-up viewing of VOD and other content,” Nollen wrote.

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